A semi-sweet white wine produced from the Frontenac Gris grape.

Light bodied and very crisp making it the perfect summer sipper.

Fresh Chicken Liver Pate 

Chicken livers
Summer Crush wine
Butter–5 pounds, seperated
White pepper

Remove chicken livers from container and place in a hotel pan.  Make sure that you remove any livers with bile in them (should look like a green/yellowish bruise).  After all livers have been thoroughly checked cover them in milk (this will help the flavor and also take and pull out the left over blood), next place the livers in the fridge over night.

After the livers have set in the milk drain away the milk and pat them dry with a clean towel preferable one with no lint, or possibility of leaving fuzz on the livers.  Next mince some shallots and garlic.  1 pound of butter cut up.

After that is done take your sauté pan and place it on the stove with about 1/4 pound of butter, heat the butter in the pan and add 1/3 of your shallots.  After about a minute add 1/3 of you garlic, cook about another minute.  Then add your chicken livers cook livers till a medium-rare, medium temperature making sure not to cook them to well.  Repeat this process till all the livers are cooked.  Place each finished batch in a hotel pan and cool it over an ice bath (ice bath- fill pan with ice).  You want the livers to still be warm but not hot.  Once they are all cooked place a fraction of the livers in your robo-coup, 3 pounds of butter (in little pieces at a time), salt and pepper to taste, a splash of port wine, and pulse till smooth.  Repeat this process with all the livers making sure to empty the container before starting a new batch. 

Next place liver mixture in stand mixer, and your one pound of butter.  Mix on a low speed for about 5 min or until light and well mixed.  Refrigerate until just before service then prepare in a shape of your choice and serve.

Serve with a chilled glass of Summer Crush wine.

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