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Marquette Grapes - Eagles Landing Vineyard

We currently have three acres of grapes at our vineyard near the Volga Lake State Park. These are the grapes we grow.



Frontenac reflects the best characteristics of its parents, V. riparia 89 and the French hybrid Landot 4511. This vine has borne a full crop after temperatures as low as -33ºF. It's very disease resistant, with near-immunity to downy mildew. Frontenac is a consistently heavy producer, with small, black berries in medium to large clusters.

Wine Profile

Frontenac's deep garnet color complements its distinctive cherry aroma and inviting palate of blackberry, black currant, and plum. This versatile grape can be made into a variety of wine styles, including rosé, red, and port.


Marechal Foch


Red wine. Hardy to -25 F. Becoming a popular choice for organic growers in some parts of the country. Good disease resistance to downy mildew and powdery mildew. Foch is very versatile in the winery, making serious wines from roses to Burgundian reds and blends depending on its ripeness. Ripens early to mid season. Selected by Kuhlmann.

la crescent

La Crescent

La Crescent combines St. Pepin and a Swenson selection from V. riparia x Muscat Hamburg. With this hardy heritage, trunks have survived an amazing -36° F. Moderately disease resistant, leaves sometimes exhibit downy mildew, which can be controlled with a standard spray program. Proper conditions and care result in very productive harvests.

Wine Profile

La Crescent's intense nose of apricot, peach, and citrus lends itself to superior quality off-dry or sweet white wines. Produced in a Germanic style, La Crescent wine is reminiscent of Vignoles or Riesling. The grape's high acidity provides good structure for excellent dessert or late-harvest style wines.


La Crosse

White wine. Hardy to -25 F. Vigor and disease resistance are moderate. Sugar content of 19-21 brix. Good varietal wines have been made in a dry and semi-dry style and are clean, fruity, with good acidity similar to Seyval, one of its parents. This is one of the leading white wine varieties in some upper mid-western states. Ripens late season. Selected by Elmer Swenson.


White seeded table, wine and juice grape. Hardy to -30 F. Excellent disease resistance and adaptability. Has a pleasing labrusca flavor, which becomes more pronounced the longer it hangs on the vine. While mostly a table and juice grape, some very popular sweet wines have also been made. Ripens early season. Selected by Elmer Swenson.



Marquette is a cousin of Frontenac and grandson of Pinot noir. It originated from a cross of MN 1094, a complex hybrid of V. riparia, V. vinifera, and other Vitis species, with Ravat 262. Viticulturally, Marquette is outstanding. Resistance to downy mildew, powdery mildew, and black rot has been very good. Its open, orderly growth habit makes vine canopy management efficient.

Wine Profile

Marquette's high sugar and moderate acidity make it very manageable in the winery. Finished wines are complex, with attractive ruby color, pronounced tannins, and desirable notes of cherry, berry, black pepper, and spice on both nose and palate. As a red wine, Marquette represents a new standard in cold hardy viticulture and enology.

st pepin

St. Pepin

White wine. A sister seedling of LaCrosse but hardier, to around -26 F. This variety is pistallite, meaning that it has only female flowers and must be planted near other varieites to ensure proper fruit set. It should be pruned to a high bud count to make sure there is adequate fruit production. Small berries are formed on medium loose clusters. Ripens mid season to about 20 brix and 1.0% total acidity. One row of St. Pepin next to one row of another variety will do well. Excellent wines have been made from St. Pepin as a varietal and also blended with LaCrosse. When well ripened, fruit quality is similar to Reisling. Selected by Elmer Swenson.